PRO Package — for your Professional Diving Center

In addition to our free account, we offer a PRO Package. It is an account for professional diving centers like yours, that will attract more divers to you. People searching for a diving center are more likely to choose one that they have already seen or interacted with — make yourself more visible thanks to the PRO Package!


124.99 € /365days

Promote your services and earn money

Promoting your business is an investment which pays off. The best thing you can do is present your company to an audience which is actually looking for your services. I Live Under Water does exactly that. With the PRO Package, you can market your center to the largest community of divers in Europe!

PRO-fessional showcase

Your business has a face. It's always easier to visit someone when you already know how they look. A very simple and transparent way to show who is offering a service and how they do business is to put your best 'face' forward: show pictures of what you do, where you dive and how much you charge. The PRO package allows you to do just that, and more.

PRO marker

With a PRO account, your center is shown at the top of users’ search results, you get a special, larger pin on the map, and your logo is shown next to your listing. All of this attracts a lot more attention to your diving center.

Stand out in your region

As a PRO, we promote you in every possible way. You will find yourself displayed more prominently, at the top of search results, on more pages, and you are more likely to been seen in results for a larger number of keywords.


Users most often search for a specific diving site, and only then for a diving center. As a PRO member, you are included in the "who dives here" section on the page of every diving site where you offer services.

A simple and effective marketing tool

You can create your PRO-fessional account in as little as 7 minutes. All you need to do is add pictures, links to your social media accounts, and a few short paragraphs about yourself.


124.99 € /365days