Address: The base is located by the lake in the area of MOSiR Piła. There is no specific number, so we recommend you press the button "follow to" and come to us without any problems.

Phone contact: dive base - +48 666 666 097, Sławek: +48 667 182 502

Base is available 365 days a year, 24h a day for night and day dives. Transport of equipment from the parking lot and back to our base is carried out by our melex. When on the parking lot, just call us on +48 666 666 097, and your equipment will be taken to our base.


Our base is divided into two zones: a wet zone and a dry zone.

In the wet zone:

- you can change and leave your clothes before entering the water,

- for the divers and any accompanying people we offer a table and a fireplace, which keeps us warm in the autumn and winter.

- unlimited  tea and coffee (self-service),

- toilet.

The dry zone is located on the first floor.

At the top of our base there is a large, covered terrace, which offers a beautiful view of the entire lake. The terrace is available not only for the divers, but also for the people accompanying them. The base fee applies not only to divers, but also persons accompanying them. Here you can also find a big barbecue, tables, benches, couches and a pool table. There is also a lecture hall and a fully equipped kitchen (refrigerator, microwave, dishes, electric kettle etc.). Behind the kitchen is a second toilet.

Our base is also a compressor room. You can rent and charge a cylinder not only with air but also with nitrox.

Base is fully monitored.


See you at the Deep Diver base!

The base is also a IDC PADI training center. 

- We conduct dives for those, who do not have diving permissions - underwater trips - DSD,

- training courses - basic, advanced,

- a variety of diving specializations, professional and instructor degrees.


Classes are conducted by a specialized staff of seven instructors.


We run courses all year round, and thanks to well-developed diving tourism, you can finish your course in warm countries. 

  If you want to see the prices we offer, please visit our homepage.

As a five-star PADI center our base offers a professional diving equipment for rent, from basic to complete diving equipment, including a dive computer. 

 We offer various sizes - from children sizes to 2XL. We have both, the basic and specialized equipment, such as:

computers, full face masks and equipment for technical diving. We also offer dive scooters. For those, who do not have diving permissions, we offer specialized courses. We service all diving equipment of any brand.

In our base you can also find a shop.

In store we have everything needed for diving:

wet-suits, jackets, regulators, masks, snorkels, fins, gloves, boots, hoods, computers, new equipment under warranty and second-hand equipment.

The buyer can count on the full support from our side as we have several years of experience. You do not have to buy over the Internet, here you can try on and test out the equipment before buying.

Below you will find a list of dive sites on which you can travel with us. If you want to know more about a given site simply click on it:


– Hvar (Croatia), – Vis (Croatia), – Egypt.

Check out our current offer of trips.