Diving in the Baltic Sea with a dive guide?

Dive guide – a divemaster is a person with a first degree of professional diving instructor. If you graduated from a diving course and going for a dive in the Baltic Sea then it is not necessary for your expedition to be accompanied by a dive guide. But you can not dive in the sea alone. When diving in the Baltic you need to have a companion. If you do not have one, then for sure you will find one in the dive center from which you set off. The organizers care about the safety of divers and organize joint trips. It is best to go on a dive in the Baltic Sea in the period from early May to late September, when the weather is most favorable – information confirmed by many dive guides.

nurkowanie w Polsce

Wreck diving

For sure most of you have heard about the golden train sought in Lower Silesia. Our history hid many such secrets – planes and ships in the waters, is there any gold in them? Who knows! In the news we hear about the forgotten wrecks, diving in Poland still brings new information, we discover the legacy from the past. The years of communism covered all the sad memories, buried exhibits of World War II and the period of PRL, which is why today we rediscover history, including the history hidden in the underwater reality.

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Diving in Poland is closely related to diving in shipwrecks, this, in particular, concerns diving in the Baltic Sea. Wreck diving is very well planned by the organizers of expeditions who transport the divers close to the position of destinations. Theoretically, such expeditions are not dangerous, because the diving site in the wreck is previously prepared by the organizers of expeditions. However, they can not control everything, so the main risks of diving in the Baltic Sea are the fishing nets, the currents in the open sea, the weather and waves.

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Safety and diving in Poland

Despite all these threats, diving is a safe sport as long as you are well prepared for the conquest of the underwater world. When you enter the role of a diver you are in control of the whole situation, there is not many of external factors that can disturb the quiet underwater tour. And a wreck diving, after a professional preparation and well organized, does not pose any threat so even inexperienced divers can go on such an adventure.