Lake Ińsko


address:                        Province: zachodniopomorskie, District: stargardzki, Commune: Ińsko,

height a.s.l.:                  130 m,

depth max:                    42 m,

length max:                    5,4 km,

width max:                     2,1 km,

size:                              596 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

water entrance: frome the bridge, close from the place where we change

Underwater attractions

The lake Ińsko is a diving site with a depth 42 m. Under the water we find two exercise platforms at a depth of 4 and 8 meters, three wrecks 15 and 21 meters. There are a several tourist path under water that lead through numerous attractions. You will see here among others avenue of trees, a mini reef and a cluster of large boulders.

Flora and Fauna

Lake is part of the Ińsko Landscape Park and is a very interesting dive site. On the north - eastern shore is a forest reserve Kamienna Buczyna. There is a rare in Poland crustacean here that is a relic of the Ice Age. We can also find here some diving bases and a very interesting lake.

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