Lake Piaseczno


address:                        Province: Lubelskie, District: Łęczyński, Commune: Ludwin,

height a.s.l.:                  no information,

depth max:                    39 m,

length max:                    1,5 km,

width max:                     0,8 km,

size:                              86 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

close from the shore

Underwater attractions

At the bottom of the lake we will find a sunken German aircraft Junkers from the II World War, a tug 16 m a training platform, kayak 30 m and a car (FSC Żuk).

Flora and Fauna

Lake Piaseczno is a scuba diving site which the deepest place reaches almost 40 m. Until recently, the visibility in the water reached an average of 10 m, unfortunately, it has fallen to 6 m in recent years, although in the 2015 season we have recorded an improvement, of which we are extremely happy. In places up to 10 m, the sandy slope descends gently. Deeper falls a sharp decline and the bottom becomes muddy. In the lake's waters we can meet: eels, perches, roaches, crucians, breams, tenches, pike and dwarf catfish.

Place I - Diving Base Profundal. The base is located on the north-eastern shoreline of the lake in the Recreation Center of the University of Nature in Lublin. What is worth paying attention to is the fact that this part of the lake is two adjacent tracks. Thanks to this, the most attractions await here, among others resting on the bottom of old platforms, kayaks, boats, boats, a sailboat and much more. In turn, one of the aquatic diving attractions is a floating platform (the only one on the lake), which we can sail into any part of the body of water, taking on board up to 10 people in full equipment! In many places, the sandy bottom reaches up to 10 meters deep. Unique formations of the lake and the multitude of fish guarantee breathtaking landscapes of the underwater world.

Place II - RESORT PIASECZNO. Through the premises of the Resort, we reach the lake (attention to the forest guard), or unpack the equipment and vehicle in the parking lot near the Resort. The advantage is the ability to spend the night in a holiday resort with the whole family. Of course, we also have access to the air compressor in the season. The disadvantage is, however, a distance of about 100-150 meters from the base to the shore of the lake, which when carrying heavy equipment on hot days may not be very comfortable. However, you can pack the equipment onto a cart and transport it to the water itself. A densely planted area protects us from the sun especially in the afternoon. After submerging, we swim centrally straight to the platform at 5m. The distance from the platform to the shore is about 25 meters, so it's not far. Three ropes depart from the platform, the track can circumnavigate a calm pace in about 45 minutes, a lot of attractions.

Place III - DIVING NURECZNO. On the south-eastern bank there is the Nureczno dive site. We have the option of leaving the car near the shore, changing tables and an air compressor available in the season. No extensive accommodation infrastructure, although it is possible to pitch tents or park the trailer. About 150 meters to the right of Nureczna, we have a nice, sandy descent to the water from where it is close to the wagon of a small tugboat, a sailboat and two kayaks. There are a lot of fish species in the lake: bream, tench, crucian carp, burbot, perch, whitefish, catfish, pike, roost, roach, eels and rudd, but also crayfish and rare mud turtles.

Description obtained through the Profundal database

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