Lake Wdzydze


address:                        Province: Pomorskie, District: Katruski, Commune: Chmielno,

height a.s.l.:                  134 m,

depth max:                    70 m,

length max:                    7,6 km,

width max:                     2,9 km,

size:                              1455 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

water entrance:

Underwater attractions

Under water we will find "underwater islands," loess walls that start at 7 m and descend vertically to 38 m and large boulders located at a depth of 20 meters.

Flora and Fauna

Sixth deepest lake in Poland, ribbon lake, II class of water purity (Polish standards). In the lake, which has no permanent connection to the Baltic Sea, lives trout. On the lake there are several large islands (Glonek, inhabited Ostrów Wielki, Ostrów Mały, Sidły, Sorka).

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