Lake Wolskie


address:                        Province: Kujawsko-pomorskie, District: Żniński, Commune: Rogowo, City: Wola,

height a.s.l.:                  94 m,

depth max:                    28 m,

length max:                    4,6 km,

width max:                     0,45 km,

size:                              185 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

water entrance: close from the shore

Underwater attractions

Underwater training path with a platform for exercise.

Flora and Fauna

Ribbon lake. It is surrounded mostly by agricultural areas, transparent and reasonably clean water creates good conditions for summer swimming. Based on studies conducted in 2003, the lake has II class of water purity (Polish standards). Fish you will find here: roach, perch, tench, eels, perch, pike.

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