Lake Jeleńskie


address:                        Province: Zachodniopomorskie, District: Gryfiński, Commune: Chojna,

height a.s.l.:                  NDA,

depth max:                    21 m,

length max:                    2,4 km,

width max:                     1,4 km,

size:                              85 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

water entrance: close from the shore

Underwater attractions

no information

Flora and Fauna

The lake probably is drying up. Unusual plant species was found in here. There are calls for rescue of the lake, and include it in the Natura 2000 program. Soon the lake may not be available for diving. Some are talking about an ongoing pollution of the lake. At the moment the conditions for diving quite good and interesting because of the beautiful underwater vegetation.

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