Quarry Zakrzówek Kraków


address:                        Province: Małopolskie, District: Kraków, Commune: Kraków,

height a.s.l.:                  NDA.

depth max:                    31 m,

length max:                    760 m.

width max:                     330 m.

size:                              15 ha.

Points of entering (see map):

water entrance: close from the place where we change

Underwater attractions:

A place where there is really a lot of underwater attractions. Among others: bus 17 m, motorboats 14 m, platform 6 m, fiat 125p 7,5 m, mirrors 8 m, locker room 9 m, wreck of a  car Nysa 6 m, Papal Plaque 6 m.

Flora and Fauna:

Diving along the limestone walls that oscillate between 10-15 m, below is a "shelf" and a slip in the form of a wall descending down.

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