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Liveaboard and diving trips with just one click.

If you're looking for the best offers for diving trips, a liveaboard dive safaris or a trip to exotic distant dive sites, you will find them here. Specialized organizers in one place. Find them with us. Check this place.

On this site you will find diving trips and dive safaris. These offers are from diving centers and travel agencies. In some offers you will find a discount negotiated by us for you. Read the offers carefully to the end. You can mark the date, price, country, or mark nothing and just browse to see what interests you. See for yourself what local companies offer.


The offers you find here are travel proposals that local diving centers prepare for their clients. Wanting to attract a wider range of customers that want to spend time together and are interested in diving tourism, they decided to put them here. Also, here the travel agencies specializing in active diving tourism have a great opportunity to present to you the best diving directions they have prepared. All the time we try to include as many offers as possible so that you can adjust your trip to your expectations. We prepared this place for two reasons. There is no other place where you can see as many interesting dive trip offers. The second reason is the desire to promote specialized companies that work hard to make our dreams come true thanks to their offer. Our platform is a great place for them to show how much they can offer us.

We believe that diving with professionals contributes to increasing the safety of diving. There are many arguments for this. One of them is knowing the place where we will live under water. A person who has been diving in a specific place many times is much more prepared for what can happen under the water surface and is able to plan diving more accurately. In many situations, we can take advantage of such solution to see and experience more.

Our mission in this part of our activity is to find the best suppliers of safe dives. We want to show local, national trips and the most picturesque corners of the diving world. To this end, we will constantly look for what we would like to experience ourselves. We invite you to benefit from our work.

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