address:                               Rogaswald Austria,

height a.s.l.:                         NDA,

depth max:                           15m,

length max:                          300m,

width max:                           130m,

size:                                    0,04 km?,

visibility max:                        5 - 30 m,

water temperature:                5 - 20 °C,

warnings:                              none.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)


Underwater attractions

The average depth is 5 meters. On the spot is a lake, which is a perfect place for training. Entrance and exit is gentle. A small bridge located under the water is a distinctive feature of this lake. Lake biology is not very rich, but while dive you can find single specimens of freshwater fish and low flora. Due to small depths this place is adapted to all levels of diver trainings. Easy access, biology and conditions support children’s diving. Water is very clear and transparent, thanks to diving here is pleasant and fun.

Flora and Fauna

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