Lake De Gavers Harelbeke


address:                               Province: Flandres, city: Harelbeke,

height a.s.l.:                         no information,

depth max:                           15 m,

length max:                          1.26 km,

width max:                           558 m,

size:                                    0.70308 km2,

visibility max:                        10 m,

water temperature:                5 - 20 °C,

warnings:                              none.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)


Underwater attractions

Lake De Gavers Harelbeke (scuba diving site) is a located in the province of West Flanders, Harelbeke, with a depth of 15 m. It is an ideal dive site for people with beginner level training. Take special care with low visibility. During the dive you can see pike, eel and perch. Diving here is possible only in if you are member from the local club Dukduvels, or if you dive with one of the members.

Flora and Fauna

Eel, pike, carp, and perch.

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