Bulgaria — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Most diving in Bulgaria is done on the east coast, in the Black Sea. Although some may say Bulgaria is a boring country to go scuba diving in, we would beg to differ… Armed with an underwater camera and a well-planned itinerary, you will go home with shots of picturesque reefs, wrecks and even ancient, mysterious rock formations!


Bulgaria is a relatively large European country and has a diverse terrain, ranging from mountainous regions to plains, to both sandy and rocky beaches on the coast of the Black Sea. As mentioned, most of the diving in Bulgaria is done in the Black Sea.


Bulgarian is the only official language spoken in Bulgaria. However, you will be able to get around and socialize knowing only English — especially in large, tourist-oriented cities like Varna.


The climate of Bulgaria is characteristic of central Europe with hot summers; long, cold winters; and distinct seasons (weatheronline.co.uk).

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Must-see diving sites in Bulgaria

  • Sozopol - Sozopol is a resort town located on Bulgaria's Black Sea coast. There is a strong diving culture here — you will find numerous diving centers and impressive diving spots. There are a few well-preserved wrecks a short boat ride from the shore, as well as mysterious ancient rock formations underwater. How the rock formations came into existence is not yet entirely known. Around the waters of Sozopol, you can also find ancient artifacts, such as amphorae. This is definitely a great place to visit and explore, especially underwater.
  • Varvara - Varvara is a reef located in the Black Sea near the south edge of Bulgaria's coast. It is full of colorful plants and sea organisms — this is a great place to take underwater photos.
  • Tupolev 154 - Located just outside of the large resort town of Varna, this is the planned wreck of a Tupolev Tu-154 passenger airliner. Advanced divers will love exploring this wreck, however it is not recommended for the inexperienced.

Other things to see and do in Bulgaria

The Archaeological Museum in Varna is one of Bulgaria's largest museums, famous for its "Gold of Varna" exhibit, "the oldest gold treasure in the world". It is very worthwhile to visit this museum if you will be staying in or near Varna!

Should you go diving in Bulgaria

Absolutely. Bulgaria is an awesome country to visit for the avid scuba diver. And a relatively inexpensive one, at that — even resort stays in towns like Sozopol will leave your wallet happy! We highly recommend Bulgaria for your next diving adventure.