port, place of departure:                              Sozopol,

depth above the wreck:                               NDA,

depth at the bottom:                                   17 m,

level of diver training:                                  beginner,

diving type:                                                wreck,

diving period:                                             whole year,

visibility max:                                            5 m,

water temperature:                                    5 - 23 °C,

available from:                                           boat,

currents:                                                   occurs,

warnings:                                                  none.

Wreck description:

PIONER WRECK is a shipwreck of the Bulgarian fishing boat, located at the eastern coast of Bulgaria, which lies at a depth of 17 m. This is a perfect diving site for persons with novice level of training. It is necessary to be particularly careful due to poor visibility. It had a length of 22.5 m and width of 5.5 m. It sunk on 2 July 2008 to create the artificial reef. Even in bad weather is an ideal place for diving. While diving, it is possible to find a lot of sea organisms, among others shrimp.

Diving description:

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