Croatia — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Croatia has been visited by tourists from all over Europe and beyond for years, and it continues to enjoy unflagging enthusiasm. Many people return there every chance they get, and often to the exact same places they have already visited, whether they be on the coast or on one of Croatia's islands (such as VisBrač or Hvar). And as you probably already know: many people love to visit in order to indulge in the charming sport of diving.

Croatia has interesting attractions and is rich in tourism throughout the entire country. Anyone can find something they love doing there: biking, hiking, visiting historic places and monuments, sailing (which is very popular) and, of course, as already mentioned: diving.

Why is Croatia such a popular destination?

This country has many national parks, a coastline with a length of nearly 6000 km, and many picturesque islands. The coast stretches from Pula to Zadar. Some places that are worth diving on the coast are the Kornati nature reserve and the well-known Dubrovnik. Croatia is a mix of Mediterranean, Slavic and Western European cultures. It also well-known for having delicious food and drinks, and more often than not: favorable weather conditions.

When looking for diving centers, remember that they operate mainly from May through October. The majority of them are closed from November to April. But it is worth knowing that many ships for liveaboards are based out of Croatia. The cost-permitting, this may be a great option for your diving trip to Croatia.

Croatia has literally thousands of dive sites suitable for both recreational and technical divers. There are also many dive sites that are great for freedivers. Almost every site is a testament to the richness of the underwater world. Underwater cliffs, vertical walls full of recesses, descend deep into the waters on the coast of Croatia — even as deep as 90 meters (and more). The jagged coastline as seen from a boat gets very interesting under the water because there it reveals its true diversity.

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What are the best dive sites in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most interesting places to dive in Europe. The Adriatic Sea in ​​this part of the Balkans hides many underwater secrets. There are numerous wrecks of watercraft and aircraft. When it comes to wreck diving, the peninsula of Istria and the island of Vis are known as the best places to explore. There are also many places where we can find, for example, amphorae from the era of the Roman Empire. There are also caves and coral reefs. Under the water, we encounter Mediterranean fauna and flora typical to this region. You can find, among other things, octopus, congeners and moray eels, piotrosze, dentex, skorpionas, and if you are very lucky: even dolphins.

In Croatia you will find ravines, small caves, large caves, rock shelves and much more. In recesses, look for lobster, crabs and konger. The reefs are richly overgrown and quite the site to behold. Visibility in Croatian waters often reaches 25 meters. Thanks to this, you can even admire gorgonias, sponges, polychaetes, tunicates and nudibranches, and much more from afar. Two species dominate here: spherical doris with black spots (Discodoris atromaculata) and filumatic Flabellina affinis.

If you decide to go diving in Croatia, you will not regret it. You will be left with an unforgettable experience. No matter where you go on the coast, you will find something interesting underwater… But this is a secret to no one, so book your diving adventures far in advance because during the high season, you will likely find that everything is booked solid, and your dreams of a Croatian diving adventure will remain just dreams (at least until next year!)