port, place of departure:                              Brestova,

depth above the wreck:                               ,

depth at the bottom:                                   35m,

level of diver training:                                  advanced,

diving type:                                                wreck,

diving period:                                             whole year. Season june-september,

visibility max:                                            ,

water temperature:                                    11-24 °C,

available from:                                           shore/boat,

currents:                                                   occurs,

warnings:                                                  none.

Wreck description:

To the diving site it is possible to get both by boat and from the shore. There is a wreck of the Hungarian merchant ship, which sank on February 20, 1888 during the storm. The ship was built in 1866, had a length of 42 m and width of 9 m. The first remains of the wreck are located at a depth of 24 meters, and along with increasing depth a number of parts are visible. In the most immediate surroundings it is possible to find the ship’s equipment and parts of the bow, iron circles from the mast, ropes, ceramic bottle and accessories. This place is intended for advanced divers, due to its large depths.

Diving description:

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