port, place of departure:                              Famagusta Bay,

depth at the bottom:                                   40 m,

level of diver training:                                  beginner/advanced,

diving type:                                                dive spot,

diving period:                                             whole year,

visibility max:                                            30 m,

water temperature:                                    16 - 27 °C,

available from:                                           shore,

currents:                                                   no information,

warnings:                                                  no information.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

Underwater attractions

The name of the place is due to its location at the foot of the cliff, at the top of which is a traditional, small, white chapel. A place for experienced divers. This area is also a popular destination for those who seek some excitement - people often gather on the cliff to jump off it into the water below. The chapel has two entry points, one of which is a nice walk down the winding path, with easy access to the water and the other is a giant step toward the water from the rocks. If you decide on an option to enter the water using a giant step, the water drops here up to 12 meters along the wall of the cliff face, to which the Chapel sits at the top of. A little further around the corner, the dive then starts descending to a depth of around 30 meters and at this point, you see some wonderful rock formations, that provide homes to many moray eels. Entering from the path down to the entry point is the easiest solution. This is where you will see many Amphora scattered around the seabed. Going towards Konnos Bay the maximum depth is 16 meters. This is where the many yachts moor up and many of them are owned by some rich and famous people. There is a variety of things to see on this dive from the many different rock formations to the varied species of marine life.

Flora and Fauna

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