Scuba diving in Czech Republic

Diving in Czech Republic

Diving in Czech Republic — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

The Czech Republic borders with no major body of water, it can't possibly be a good candidate for a scuba diving adventure, can it?

Of course it can! The Czech Republic may not have all the best diving sites in the world, but it does have a lot that are worth visiting. You will find great inland diving sites like lakes, abandoned quarries, rivers, and caves — the Czech Republic is even home to the deepest known flooded cave in the world.


The geography of the Czech Republic is quite varied: from river basins to low mountains to large, rolling meadows — there is a little a little bit of everything.


The official language of the Czech Republic is Czech. That said, the Czech Republic ranks high in English Proficiency Index (#20 out of 88 —, 2018). Especially in large cities, you should not have trouble getting around speaking English.


The Czech Republic has a typical central-European climate: warm, dry summers and cold winters (, 2018).

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Must-see diving sites in Czech Republic

The largest concentration of diving centers is found in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. But there are plenty of centers spread throughout the country, one is never far away from your desired diving site.

  • Mrakov - Lomeček - a great lake dive for divers of all levels. Good visibility, biodiversity, and even a caisson that allows non-divers to view the underwater life while staying completely dry!
  • Quarry Svobodné Hermanice - fans of haunted houses will want take part in a dive at this eerie, creepy abandoned quarry. Here you will find a lot of… "interesting" underwater attractions, such as car, bathtub, non-functional emergency bus station telephone, pirate treasure — that is guarded by a real pirate, a hand-powered water pump, and more. Clear water allows you to view these spooky items in excruciating detail.
  • Hranice Abyss - This cave, located not far from the Svobodné Hermanice Quarry, is the deepest flooded cave in the world. The deepest known point is 404 meters below water (, 2016), but experts suggest that the actual depth may be as deep as 1200 meters (, 2016). We're not sure if anyone from the general public is allowed to dive here, but you can definitely visit the site, learn about the cave, and take in the beauty of the surrounding forest and land.

Other things to see and do in Czech Republic

The capital of the Czech Republic has a lot to offer in terms of site seeing. If you will be staying there, definitely have a look at the old town, Prague Castle, and Charles Bridge. And stop at a pub or two and try a local beer, on which the Czech culture prides itself.

Should you go diving in Czech Republic

We definitely recommend a trip to the Czech Republic, for diving as well as in general. You may not find the best diving sites in the world, but as a weekend getaway with the family or a few diving buddies, you will certainly have a great time!