Egypt — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

They say you cannot not go there if you are a diver! Every serious diver sooner or later thinks about visiting Egypt, but more specifically about visiting the reefs of the Red Sea. There are many possibilities when going to Egypt for a diving adventure. You can choose between a stationary trip to a specific town/resort or, for a little more money, a liveaboard packed with scuba diving, on an often comfortable boat — where you can take part in 4 dives per day with ease.

Why is Egypt such a popular destination?

People get excited about the vision of a flight to another continent and with immersing themselves in the clear sea water, that, according to the Bible, Moses parted to give passage to the Chosen People. When going on such an important journey, It is worth it to prepare for it wholeheartedly and choose the most interesting places and types of dives.

Most often, diving sites in the Red Sea can be fore at depths between 5-25 meters. At these depths, the life around reefs blooms gleefully. There are often beautiful stingrays, giant moray (Gymnothorax javanicus), bristles (Diodontidae), pufferfish (Tetraodontidae) and calm wings (Pterois volitans and Pterois radiata). There is a good chance of spotting big tuna fish, milkfish and other native fish. You can find lots of colorful fish just about anywhere in the Red Sea, like sea clams, sea cucumbers and maxima clams.

In the Red Sea, you have a good chance of meeting snapper (Lutjanidae), grouper, barracuda, horse mackerel, napoleon fish and even dolphins and sharks. Spotting the the aforementioned dolphins and sharks can be virtually guaranteed if we opt for a liveaboard and travel to the correct, often hard-to-reach, locations. Apart from the world of macro creatures, you will also find plenty of small creatures like nudibranchs, shrimps and worms throughout the Red Sea.

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What are the best dive sites in Egypt

When choosing Egypt as your holiday dive destination, you need to know what options are available to you, as you have different types dives and every different types of liveaboards like a wreck-focused liveaboard. With this type of liveaboard, you will mainly travel from wreck to wreck. This is the perfect type of trip for lovers of wrecks. Although wrecks are the main attraction of trips like this, you will of course still see many of the most popular species of flora and fauna that are common in the Red Sea.

Land-based trips have a different type of pluses: you can buy numerous different types of excursions and, for example, visit land-based attractions like Luxor in the south of the country or the pyramids of Cairo in the northern part. It can also be fun to ride ATVs in the desert and meet native Bedouins.

One important tip is to always remember to drink bottled water from unopened bottles.

As you would expect from a country that is very well known for being one of the best diving destination in the world, most diving centers in Egypt are well-equipped and prepared to organize dives for large groups. However, with such a high throughput of tourists, you should always be sure to double-check any rented equipment, regulators, cylinders and jackets. Also, don't forget about taking plenty of sunscreen, but only that which is biodegradable and will not damage coral reefs (as many regular sunscreens do).

Egypt, with the richness of the Red Sea, is one of the most important diving destinations on our personal map of the world. Throughout the shoreline, which spans 2450 kilometers, you will find many, many fantastic places to dive. The most famous are the resorts of Sharm el-SheikhDahab, or Marsa Alam.

In recent years, Wadi Lahami, one of the few areas of the Red Sea that can boast having so many beautiful reefs, has become popular. It is advertised as a fantastic place to visit for divers that do not like or need unnecessary comfort/luxury. It certainly comes highly recommended by us.