Mohammed Hasabella Wreck


port, place of departure:                              Hurghada,

depth above the wreck:                               no information,

depth at the bottom:                                   34 m,

level of diver training:                                  advanced,

diving type:                                                wreck,

diving period:                                             whole year,

visibility max:                                            10-30 m,

water temperature:                                    15-35 °C,

available from:                                           boat,

currents:                                                   occurs,

warnings:                                                  none.

Wreck description:

To the diving site it is possible to get by boat. Average depth is 23 m. There is a shipwreck of the fishing cutter, which sunk recently, and therefore is in a very good condition. The ship has a length of about 40 m and was already stripped of the entire equipment and appliances. Swimming inside is very simple and pleasant. There are many versions of sinking of this wreck, from those saying that the boat sank in expecting for repair, as well as intentional sinking as a tourist attraction. This place is characterized by a rich marine flora and fauna. Largely beautiful multicolored corals are covering the wreck.

Diving description:

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