port, place of departure:                              Jussarö,

depth above the wreck:                               NDA,

depth at the bottom:                                   17 m,

level of diver training:                                  beginner,

diving type:                                                wreck,

diving period:                                             whole year,

visibility max:                                            10 m,

water temperature:                                    2 - 17 °C,

available from:                                           boat,

currents:                                                   none,

warnings:                                                  none.

Wreck description:

JUSSAROE II it is a wreck of the wooden ship located at the south coast of Finland, which lies at a depth of 17 m. This is a perfect diving space for persons with novice level of training. It is necessary to be particularly careful due to poor visibility. It sunk in 1785. The shipwreck is divided in two parts. The area is characterized by many sea organisms.

Diving description:

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