France — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Dreaming of a diving holiday that takes place in France? The Mediterranean coast of France, together with Corsica and its smaller islands, is where you will find the best diving sites in France (but that is not to say that those on the Atlantic coast are anything short of impressive).

Why is France such a popular destination?

Typical of the Mediterranean terrain, France is rich in rocks, caves, and this is all complemented by the world-renowned French cuisine and equally good wine.

Cities ready for sightseeing invite people interested in learning about architecture and the rich history of the country. There are endless things to do both underwater and on land.

Under water, for example in the western part of the coast, near St. Cyprien, you will find rocks, with patches of sand and grass scattered all around. You can also find smaller schools of chestnut chromis fish and salpa fish. Crawfish are a common site here, and there is also a good chance of spotting nice congers.

There is only one drawback to a diving adventure which takes place in France: the price. The price of taking a diving trip to France will probably cost you more than any other in the EU. But if you can afford to go, then you most certainly should.

Including its islands, the coastline of France spans 3427 kilometers. The biggest French island is Corsica, which is an awesome place to visit. Apart from the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte was born there, it has wonderful diving sites and impeccable cuisine.

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What are the best dive sites in France

One of the most interesting dive sites in this area is the wreck of the ship la Peniche, which has been resting on the seafloor for over 50 years at a depth of 28 meters.

However, when it comes to wrecks, the largest concentration is located on the east coast, namely in the vicinity of Marseille. This large port city was founded by the Greeks in the year 600 BC. It is worth visiting this lovely town, especially its highest hill (162 m above sea level), where the Basilica of Notre Dame de la Garde was built and stands to this day. From the hill you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Mediterranean and some of its islets.

Towards Italy, the charming town of Menton is an interesting place. There are plenty diving centers here as well as diving sites, among which is the wreck of a helicopter. The underwater world here is quite interesting. It is full of small and large caves as well as mountain depressions. There is a lot of flora and fauna, too. Here you can find crabs, moray eels, crawfish and lots of fish such as mullets, ostriches, scorpions, chestnut chromis fish and others.

In summary, France is gorgeous, picturesque, historic, and wonderful — and all these benefits come at a premium. Those on the Atlantic coast will be more demanding, and the water may be a bit colder, but they are still sure to impress. The diving centers in France are professional and well prepared. Keep in mind that in France, you must have a medical certificate in order to go scuba diving. Without it, diving centers cannot let you enter the water — so make sure you have one, and do not forget to bring it!