address:                               Montvalent 46600 France,

depth max:                            33m,

visibility max:                        10-30 m,

water temperature:                15 - 25 °C,

warnings:                              none.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)


Underwater attractions

To the dive site the possibility to swim from the shore. The average depth is 15m. On the site is a river that is perfect for training. Due to its depth, this place is for advanced divers. Marine biology is unfortunately poor enough there. During the dive you can meet single fish specimens, and the rocks under the water are overgrown with a small amount of sea flora. Great place for diving training at low depths. Below the water you can find single small caves that can be affected, but also the water life in them is negligible.

Flora and Fauna

Related and native dive bases

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