Scuba diving in Great Britain

Diving in Great Britain

Diving in Great Britain — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Great Britain is a large island located in the northern region of Europe, managed by a charming Queen. And since it is an island, there is a lot of water around it. And as we know (seeing as we are divers), water means opportunities to dive. The UK (which encompasses much more than just Great Britain) may not be the most popular place in the world to go scuba diving, it's name is certainly on the list. The waters there, however, tend to be cold, and usually require dry suits.

Why is Great Britain such a popular destination?

It can be said that the United Kingdom is an archipelago, which together has about 5,500 islands, of which 140 are inhabited. The total length of UK's shoreline is 12 429 kilometers. All along the coast you will notice there are innumerable coves, peninsulas, sandy and stony beaches… and cliffs, the highest of which reach 200 meters. An interesting fact is that the tidal amplitude on the coast of the United Kingdom goes all the way from 14 meters in the Bristol Channel, to over 8 meter in the Mersey river that feeds into the Bay of Liverpool, to approximately 6 meters in the Thames Estuary, and down to only 1 meter on the coast of Northern Ireland.

Apart from salty sea all around every island, where you can snorkel, The United Kingdom is a country rich in lakes. Many of them are found in the mountains of Scotland, the Cambrian Mountains, the northern Cambrian Mountains and Northern Ireland. The biggest of them are Lough Neagh, Loch Lomond or the infamous and somewhat spooky: Loch Ness.

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What are the best dive sites in Great Britain

It is known that Great Britain has been a maritime power for centuries, hence a very large number of wrecks are found in its local waters, and new ones are still being discovered. In 2012, the English guide to native wrecks was published.

A good place for diving, among others, is the port of Portland. You can dive there with only a OWD certificate, because some wrecks lay at depths of only about a dozen meters.

Towards the northern border, where England meets Scotland, there is a small archipelago, called the Farne Islands. A colony of about 5,000 gray seals live there, and dive boats set off from the nearby Sea House. Viewing these mammals is very joyful and interesting. Seals like to interact with divers and like to show off their great swimming skills.

In England there are also several quarries with well-prepared diving bases. For example, Vobster near Radstock or Stoney Cove near Stoney Stanton.

If you are planning on visiting the United Kingdom, is worth spending some time looking for interesting diving sites. Many sites are best accessed by boat, but there are are also plenty that can be accessed from off a beach. After finishing a good day of diving, a delicious, classical meal of fish & chips and English beer will be waiting for you. If you want to have a great diving adventure, you certainly cannot go wrong with visiting the UK.