Macedonia — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Macedonia is not well known for its diving attractions, but it should be. Despite it being landlocked, it has some very nice diving spots in its lakes and rivers and oftentimes, these spots have surprisingly clear waters (sometimes with visibilities as high as 30 meters!)

The biggest scuba diving attractions in Macedonia are the lakes Ohrid and Presba, located right next to each other at the south-west edge of the country, on the borders of Albania and Greece. In these lakes you can find diverse wildlife as well as plant life, and even underwater archaeological sites still stocked with ancient artifacts.


As mentioned, Macedonia is a landlocked country. It is located in southern Europe between Albania, Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Kosovo. The country's topography is largely mountainous, and can be confidently characterized by its countless scenic views. If we could only give you one piece of advice, it would be this: bring your camera.


The official and most widely spoken language in Macedonia is Macedonian. While some residents may speak English, especially those that work in the tourism industry, the majority do not (, 2018). If you visit, we highly recommend bringing a phrasebook.


Because of its diverse topography, the weather in Macedonia can vary drastically from day to day, or even just from one part of the country to another.

Generally, the climate in Macedonia is characterized by relatively cold and humid winters and warm and dry summers, with its springs being colder than its falls (, 2018).

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Must-see diving sites in Macedonia

  • Lake Ohrid - This is probably the most popular lake for diving in Macedonia. You will find lots of fish, interesting plant life, and archeological sites to explore and enjoy. This lake comes highly recommended.
  • Treska - This site is actually a river, but a very interesting one at that. Some very nice diving spots are located near the Vrelo cave, one of the deepest underwater caves in the world. The biology in this river is very rich, making it a great place for fans of underwater photography.

Other things to see and do in Macedonia

If you will be diving in Matka, there is a good portion of the Vrelo cave (one of the deepest underwater caves in the world) that can be explored without any scuba gear. As far as caves go, it is impressive. It was even included in the New7wonders project's top 77 list in 2009 (, 2018).

Should you go diving in Macedonia

Macedonia may not make it into everyone's list of great diving spots, but it definitely makes it into ours. And diving aside, the country's above-water scenery is absolutely magnificent! That alone is worth the visit, but when paired with a few memorable dives… you would be hard-pressed to find a better vacation or weekend getaway than Macedonia.