Diving in Montenegro

Diving in Montenegro — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Looking for a new place to dive? Montenegro is an exquisite choice. Those who have already experienced the beautiful underwater world of this part of the Balkans don't need to be persuaded to come again. And although not every place is worthy of recommendation in this mountainous country (such as Podgorica, the country's capital), Montenegro still remains to some extent wild and exotic, and that more than makes up for the less-lovable parts.

In recent years, Montenegro has benefited from small booms in economic growth. Many new homes are being built here, more and more asphalt roads and hotels are being introduced. Perhaps most importantly for us: more diving centers are springing up as well. Maybe the peak of commerce and globalization has not yet been reached in Montenegro, but signs indicate that it is very likely to appear in the coming years. This is just one more reason why you should plan a diving trip here.

Why is Montenegro such a popular destination?

The length of Montenegro's shoreline is less than 294 km. It is varied, with many coves and bulges. The climate on the coast is typical to the Mediterranean — it's warm and even hosts palm trees. Although it is a mountainous region, and arable land accounts for only 5% of the country's area, local farmers cultivate olives, citrus, figs and grapes among other things. Thanks to this, while visiting you can make a lovely evening of tasting fine local cuisine as well as wine.

After spending time underwater, there is much to see back on dry land. Towns such as Budva, Kotor and Sveta Stefan should not be missed. Surrounded by walls, full of old tenement houses and climatic town squares, they have the power to satisfy even the most fastidious tastes of its guests. And have we mentioned that the prices in Montenegro are cheaper than those in the nearby Croatia?

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What are the best dive sites in Montenegro

There are many attractions under the water in Montenegro. Rocky bottoms hide many caves and caverns. Some of them are very large, and others are so small that they may only fit a few divers. There are also numerous wrecks in the Adriatic Sea of ​​Montenegro to admire, as well as gorgeous mountain ranges to view above the water and plenty of fauna and flora common to the Mediterranean.

In Montenegro there are some small post-glacial lakes, and the country's authorities — striving to harness the energy potential of mountain rivers — ordered several dam reservoirs to be created. One of the largest lakes in the country is Skadar Lake, which covers an area of 530 km2 and borders with Albania.

An interesting fact is that in Montenegro, it is impossible to find a lowland that is not accompanied by mountains nearby. This applies even to Skadar Lake, which is outlined by the Montenegrin and Albanian mountains.

In summary, traveling to Montenegro for diving will yield you many interesting and very diverse dives. Maybe the diving bases and centers in this country aren't as well organized as those in, e.g. Croatia, but the dive sites they service make up for any small inconveniences encountered before reaching them. In this picturesque country, you will find some of the most Interesting caves, wrecks, and rock walls. They are spotted with snails, crawfish and cephalopods, among other things.