Junker 52


address:                               Comunne and city: Narwik,

height a.s.l.:                         no information,

depth max:                           2 km,

length max:                          no information,

width max:                           1.5 km,

size:                                    230 ha,

visibility max:                        30 m,

water temperature:                2-14°C,

warnings:                              none.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)


Underwater attractions

Junker 52 is a wreck of the German plane, located at the west coast of Hartvikvatnet lake, at a depth of 8 m. This is a perfect diving site for persons with novice level of training. The plane had a length of 18.9 m and width of 29.5 m. It reached a speed of 265 km/h. It could transport 16 passengers. The shipwreck is very well preserved. Every enthusiast of underwater photography will be delighted with the unique beauty of this place.

Flora and Fauna

no information

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