Diving in Poland

Diving in Poland — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

In Poland, you can dive in lakes and quarries throughout most of the country, and of course, in the Baltic Sea.

Why is Poland such a popular destination?

The Baltic Sea hides a lot of underwater secrets in its waters, and practically every year, archaeologists find new wrecks. Hundreds of them exist, and many of them are divable.

For less advanced divers, the Gulf of Gdansk is the best place to start diving. There, the currents are weak and the depths are good for recreational dives. The wrecks that lay there are very interesting, well known by local guides, and not very demanding. But remember that water temperatures in the Baltic Sea tend to be low.

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What are the best dive sites in Poland

Plenty of alternatives to the Baltic Sea exist, such as the many beautiful Polish lakes, the deepest of which is Hańcza. There, the most technical of divers are able to experience even three-digit depths. Mazury and Wielkopolska have the largest concentrations of lakes. There you can encounter pike, perch, catfish, eel, carp and sturgeon. You can see many of these fish at, for example, lake Płotki, near Piła and in the Zakrzówek quarry near Krakow. Near the border with Germany, Lake Ciecz (Trześniowskie) is worth visiting. There, you can see burbot and a wall of coal.

Most of the well-known dive sites inland have diving centers that are well prepared and happy to take care of divers, with the possibility of, for example, renting equipment.

Dive sites also worth mentioning in Poland are the Piechcin quarry, the Silesia quarry, and the so-called "Honoratka" quarry, located near Konin.

Summing up: Poland is one of the more interesting alternatives among the colder destinations located north of the Mediterranean. The local cuisine will satisfy your appetite. In addition, Polish beer topped with low prices will perfectly complement your days spent diving in the local waters. See you in Poland!