Lake Budzisławskie


address:                         Province: Wielkopolskie, District: Koniński, Commune: Kleczew

height a.s.l.:                  no information,

depth max:                    35 m,

length max:                    2,67 km,

width max:                     0,52 km,

size:                              140 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

Water entrance is close from the place where we change.

Underwater attractions

There are many attractions waiting for divers. These include the underwater obstacle course, two training platforms 5 m and 6.5 m, six-foot statue of the Virgin Mary 13 m, abandoned canoe, submerged tree limbs 3 m, which became a fish habitat etc.

Flora and Fauna

Lake Budzisławskie has a I class of water purity (Polish standards). Fish that we will find here: perch, pike, eel, tench, whitefish, roach, eels, catfish and extremely attractive and very skittish burbot. You will find vegetation up to 7 m. The south-western part of the lake is shallow and almost completely overgrown with vegetation, and the north-east part is deeper and there you will find the maximum depth of 36m.

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