Lake Drawsko


address:                        Province:. Zachodniopomorskie, District: Drawski, Commune: Czaplinek, City: Czaplinek,

height a.s.l.:                  129 m,

depth max:                    80 m,

length max:                    10,6 km,

width max:                     6,6 km,

size:                              1781,5 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

water entrance: not far from the base

Underwater attractions

Training platforms 3 i 9 m.

Flora and Fauna

Drawsko is the largest and deepest lake in the area and the second deepest in Poland. The lake has a varied shoreline with peninsulas, numerous islets and clean water. The shoreline of the lake is up to 74 km in length. The largest island on the lake is Bielawa and it has a surface area up to 80 ha.

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