Lake Płotki


address:                        Province: Wielkopolskie, District: pilski, Commune: Piła, City: Piła,

height a.s.l.:                  76 m,

depth max:                    24 m,

length max:                    1,1 km,

width max:                     0,4 km,

size:                              40 ha.

Points of entering to the lake (see map)

Płotki lake has a well-prepared diving infrastructure. The local Deep Diver base is located just 15 m from the water table and bridge. Thanks to this, in the winter, after a while, we will find ourselves in a heated room near the fireplace. By using the services of the base, you will prepare on the stands at the base and go to the water. Your non-diving companions will have the opportunity to observe your immersion from the jetty. Often the visibility here is so good that it will look you down even to the dinosaurs.

Underwater attractions

This dive site hides 4 sunken dinosaurs 4 - 6 m, two 5 m platforms, a Mercedes wreck, a boat and several smaller attractions. The story of a drowned white lady was also heard here. If you are not afraid, ask your local guide about her.

Flora and Fauna

Glacial lake with gently sloping sandy bottom and an average depth of 11 m. Most attractions are to the depth of 5 m. There are plenty of littoral and underwater meadows, reed beds. It looks very impressive. There is also a lot of fish. Sometimes shoals. You can also find the sunken dinosaurs and other attractions. The nearby base gives you the opportunity to sail a catamaran to the other end of the lake and also is an important support in planning a dive. The base is year-round and heated. The fish in the lake: one and a half meter long sturgeons, which can be stroked and like to play with the divers, tench, carp, perch, roach, pike and crayfish.

More information

Underwater photos by Bartłomiej Byczyński.