Quarry Koparki Jaworzno


address:                        Province: Śląskie, District: Jaworzno, Commune: Jaworzno, ul. Płetwonurków 9, 43-602 Jaworzno

height a.s.l.:                  130 m,

depth max:                    18 m,

length max:                    0,42 km,

width max:                     0,1 km,

size:                              25 ha.

Points of entering (see map):

Koparki in Jaworzno quarry is a scuba diving sitethat has been professionally prepared for the arrival of divers. There are numerous descents to the water along the long part of the reservoir. There were also prepared positions for preparing to the diving near the ladders attached to the shore.

Underwater attractions:

The whole dive site is rather a lunar landscape. Of course, we find here the remains of a mine / quarry activity. The most famous  sank attraction here is the excavator, gigant digger buckets, cutter. Of course, we find here more mining constructions. For years, the place is one of those that should be visited in the south of Poland. Scuba dive site is also available for under ice dives.

Flora and Fauna:

Very interesting dolomite quarry with stunning vertical walls. Rather, we will not see here the underwater wealth, while the transparency of water is very large. The sunken attractions are large and interesting for photos. The quarry itself is definitely an interesting dive site due to many factors. One of them is the shaping of underwater views.

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