Bryza Wreck - Baltic Sea


port, place of departure:                          Hel, Poland,

depth above the wreck:                            10 m,

depth at the bottom:                                 21 m,

level of diver training:                               beginner,

diving type:                                              wreck,

diving period:                                           whole year,

available from:                                         boat,

currents:                                                  Currents and weather conditions should be monitored on a regular basis. There’s no rule,

warnings:                                                no information.

Wreck description:

K-18 was built in Gdansk River Shipyard - Stogi. Started service in 10.01. 1965. The steel hull was built from six blocks consisting of flat and spatial sections. The cutter could carry passengers. The engine room is located in the central part of the ship under the main deck between frames 23 and 31. The ventilation shaft passes through the deck, bridge and ends with a chimney. Until 1978 it swam under the name "Bryza" as a passenger transport ship. Bryza served in 43 Help Vessel Squad in 9 Coast Defenders Flotilla at Hel. Service in the Polish Navy ended in 2001. Dimensions Length 28,82 m Width 6.20 m Draft 1.85 m Displacement 135 t Crew of 12 sailors (36 passengers) Propulsion 2 diesel engines, "WOLA" 300 hp 2 three-bladed propeller speed of 11 kn range of 1,100 nm

Diving description:

Shipwreck perfectly prepared for divers. You can visit it by diving from the boat and from the shore. Permanently attached to it is a buoy indicating the position of the wreck. The wreck lies on a slope slightly tilted to the right. It is devoid of nets and any elements dangerous for divers. Through a variety of open spaces you can go inside and explore. 

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Source description: Photo owner: Michał Czermiński