Wreck Delfin - Baltic Sea


port, place of departure:                          Gdynia, Jastarnia, Hel, Poland,

depth above the wreck:                           13 m,

depth at the bottom:                                20 m,

level of diver training:                              beginner,

diving type:                                              wreck,

diving period:                                           whole year,

available from:                                         boat,

currents:                                                  Currents and weather conditions should be monitored on a regular basis. There’s no rule,

warnings:                                                no information.

Wreck description:

10/10/1942 Launched in the shipyard Robert Jacob City Island, New York. It was based on wooden minesweepers type "BYMS." Name at the time of service in the British Navy - "BYMS-2211". It belonged to the Polish Navy from April, 19 1948. During its service in the Polish Navy it was named "DF" and later "T-31". , Decommissioned in June, 26 1957. It was sunk in the middle of the bay of Puck, where it served as an exercise for a military aircraft. Today, it lies almost in the middle of the basin at a distance of approx. 7 miles from Hel and approx. 4 miles from Jastarnia. Dimensions Length 41.90 m Width on midship 7.70 m Draft 2.40 m Displacement 277 t Propulsion Equipped with two GMC diesel engines with a capacity of 735 kW (1000 hp) Two propellers with max. speed 12,6 knots The crew of 42 people Armament One 85 mm canon Four 12,7 Machine Guns with Colt system cooled with water Trawl equipment Acoustic Trawl SA-IV Electromagnetic Trawl TEM-VI Contact Trawl OROPES

Diving description:

The hull is clearly leaning to the left side. The wreck due to the lack of pieces of equipment - chimney, machines, and a large part of the superstructure is safe and easy to dive. The most interesting place of the wreck is a gallery located on the right side and some of the rooms to which you can get from the catwalk or the upper deck. Warning!! The rooms inside the wreckage are covered with sediment, which can make a considerable drop in the visibility inside the wreck.

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balticwrecks.com - Sebastian Popek, Maciej Rułka

Photo owner: Leszek Legat, Baltic Explorers