Wreck Groźny - Baltic Sea


port, place of departure:                          Jastarnia, Poland,

depth above the wreck:                            11 m,

depth at the bottom:                                 18,5 m,

level of diver training:                               beginner,

diving type:                                              wreck,

diving period:                                           whole year,

available from:                                         boat,

currents:                                                  Currents and weather conditions should be monitored on a regular basis. There’s no rule,

warnings:                                                no information.

Wreck description:

Big submarine chaser from Russia. Type of the ship BO (from Russian bolszoj ochotnik) 122-bis. Taken over by MW PRL on 15th December 1957 with seven other ships. Used as "DS-48" then changed into "DS-368". The ship was out of service in 1971 and sunked during Warsaw Pact exercises on Hel marine training ground. Then used as a training wreck for military divers. Dimensions Length between perpendiculars Lpp 52,00 m Width 6,40 m Draft 2,50 m Displacement 350 t Crew 55 people Power 3 main engines with total power of 808 kW (1100 HP) Maximum speed 21 knots Economical speed 12 knots Range with economical speed 2500 Nm Fuel supply 31,7 t Armament Gun 85mm 2 guns plot. 37mm 3 double wkm 12,7mm 2 rocket lounchers depth charges 2 stern chute depth charges 30 depth charges BMB-1 32 rocket bomb charges

Diving description:

The ship lays perfectly on it's keel. Because there are no nets the wreck is an ideal option for beginner divers. It's worth to see hold hatches and skylights in the stern part. The superstructure was opened by divers, so now it possible to swim there.

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Source description:

balticwrecks.com - Sebastian Popek, Maciej Rułka

photo: Monia Shibi Shibuya