Wreck Kanonierka - Baltic Sea


port, place of departure:                          Hel, Poland,

depth above the wreck:                            28 m,

depth at the bottom:                                 30 m,

level of diver training:                               advanced,

diving type:                                              wreck,

diving period:                                           whole year,

available from:                                         boat,

currents:                                                  Currents and weather conditions should be monitored on a regular basis. There’s no rule,

warnings:                                               Beware of strong currents that occur here often!

Wreck description:

KriegsFishKutter G, a boat designed to meet the basic combat tasks (to protect ports, convoys and patrolling the coast). It served as a test boat before mass production. In total 612 such boats were created and up to 2001 last vessels served actively on waters. "Kanonierka" ("Gunboat") (NCF 532) according to unconfirmed information, was built in 1944 in Gdynia shipyard. On 30.10 assigned to 3 flotilla Uboot Jager. From October '44 to January '45 stationed in Pilawa in 9 Security Division. Later it went to Hel with the task of guarding convoys. While in Hel it was renamed to UJ 301 Marineoberkomando. On April 8, 1945 was bombed in the port of Hel, then towed and sank 1 km south of the fishing port of Hel. Technical data: Displacement 110 GRT. Overall length 24 m. Length between perpendiculars 20.57 m. Width of 6.40 m. Maximum draft of 2.75 m. One five-cylinder diesel with power ranging from 175 to 220 hp. One four-bladed propeller with a diameter of 1.30 m. Maximum speed to 9.24 kts. The crew of 15 people. Armament: Guns 1 - 3.7 cm and / or 2 to 4 - 2.0 cm, and / or 6 depth charges.

Diving description:

The wreck lies at 30 m, on the keel with a slight tilt to starboard. Because of bombs on the deck in April 2009, part of the wreckage was blown up by divers of the Navy depriving about 1/3 of its length. In the area of the wreck you can often meet strong currents !! Because of them, sometimes the wreck is buried under garbage and trees moved by the current.

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www.wrakibaltyku.pl Photo owner: Maritime Office in Gdynia - The picture was taken July 5, 2012