Wreck Ślązak / ORP 304 - Baltic Sea


port, place of departure:                          Jastarnia, Poland,

depth above the wreck:                            25 m,

depth at the bottom:                                 31 m,

level of diver training:                               advanced,

diving type:                                              wreck,

diving period:                                           whole year,

available from:                                         boat,

currents:                                                  Currents and weather conditions should be monitored on a regular basis. There’s no rule,

warnings:                                                NDA.

Wreck description:

Small submarine M-XV-bis, built in the USSR and used in the Baltic Fleet during the years 1948-1954. It was then transferred to Poland in November 1954. The withdrawal from service was in the early 60s. After the withdrawal, transferred to 41 Ship Rescue Squadron, planned for instructional purposes as "BS-01". Initially, it had a tactical sign M-103, then turn into the P-103 and 304. The reason for the sinking is unknown. The wreck was discovered in 2007 by the IMOR. Dimensions Length 49.50 m Width 4.40 m Draft 2.6 m (bow), 2.8 m (stern) Displacement 283/353 t Drive 2 diesel-type 11-D with a capacity of 882 kW (1200 hp) 2 electric motors PG-17 with a capacity of 321 kW (436 hp) Speed: on the surface of 15.7 kN immersion 7.8 kn range of 3000 nm at 8 kn submerged 90 nm crew of 31 people Armament 45 mm cannon removed at the turn of 1958-1959 4 torpedo launchers 533 4 torpedoes

Diving description:

The wreck lies perfectly on the keel at a depth of 30m. Firmly buried in sand. Wreck well preserved, with no major damage to the plating.

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balticwrecks.com / Author: Sebastian Popek   Photo source: Leszek Legat