Slovenia — diving centers, country, description and general recommendations for tourists

General information about the country

Although the terrain of Slovenia is composed in about 90% of highlands (with the highest peak being Triglav, located at an altitude of 2864 meters above sea level), it is a country with some great diving sites. The Republic of Slovenia lies at the base of the Balkan Peninsula, and has a coastline on the Adriatic Sea that connects Italy and Croatia.

Why is Slovenia such a popular destination?

Slovenia is a very interesting country. I would describe it as having orderly roads, parking lots and beaches — like in Austria — and the enthusiasm of Italian culture. It is particularly visible in restaurants and pubs. Slovenians are very hospitable, but during dives in this lovely country, you will meet people from all over Europe, and even all over the world.

The coastline of Slovenia spans just 44 kilometers on the Adriatic Sea. Unfortunately, we cannot always expect good visibilities underwater (as is the case in Croatia), but we can count on a few to a dozen or so meters in summer. Dives are most often carried out by boat, and destinations are not too far away, only a few wrecks require a little bit longer boat journeys.

During the dives that are close to the shore, especially during the day, there is little likelihood of having something very interesting surprise you. You will mostly just encounter smaller fish that are common in the Mediterranean. However, the same places at night can be much more interesting. During one dive you may meet several different species of crabs. And these crab can be brave, which can be clearly demonstrated when you swim too close to them. They lift their plier-like claws valiantly, and at the same time retreat slowly, ready to use their weapons at any moment. During night dives, Cotylorhiza tuberculata (Egg Jellyfish) are especially spectacular. Illuminated in the depths, they look like something from out of this world, especially when smaller silver fish swim by them.

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What are the best dive sites in Slovenia

In the vicinity of, for example, Portoroż, at a short distance from the coast, you will find the wreck of the Maona Rossa, which hit an underwater mine in 1945 and sunk. It lies at a depth of about 24 meters on the sandy sea bottom and is 36 meters long. In its recesses you may observe conger, nudibranches or even scorpions. Sometimes, the level of visibility can suddenly drop drastically at this wreck. If this happens, you should make your way to the side of the wreck and find the discharge line so that you may safely return to the surface.

Slovenia is less known by diving, but it is an interesting alternative for the inhabitants of northern Europe. For many, it is much closer than Croatia or Montenegro. Most dives take place at a depth of a few to a few dozen meters. There are a lot of molluscs in these waters, but most of all, and this is interesting, you can see the largest Mediterranean mussels, growing up to 1.2 meters in length! These are pining mussels ( Pinna nobilis). In addition, there are always accompanied by mullet, wrasse, sarpa salpa and chestnut chromis fish.

Slovenia is a wonderful country and definitely one worth visiting, especially since it has some great diving sites that you can explore while you are there!