We love to dive and share our passion. Scubaearth. That's why we're giving you this portal, which is a search engine of dive sites or diving centers in Europe, Egypt or Turkey. On our map you will find lakes, rivers, quarries, caves, mines, deep pools, wrecks and places at sea.

You can search around a city or see how many dive sites are in each country. The map will show you exactly where are the places of highest density in the category you are looking for. All categories are listed above the search button. You can mark as many categories as you want. If you do not mark anything, our system will assume by default that you want to see all categories.

If you have chosen to search by a place, we will circle the radius of your choice and show you our entire collection of placesthere. After clicking ona marker on the map you will get the opportunity to see descriptions of dive sites and contact details of diving centers. You will also be able to send an email from the center's information card.

However, if you want to see how big database we have for a given country or just look for a place, eg in Croatia, that is worth to visit because of wrecks, you can also filter them out quickly. On our diving map you will find the best dive sites in:

Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Ireland, Macedonia, Malta, Germany, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Great Britain, Italy.

Our diving map took us many years of work. However, we think that this is just the beginning of our dream of creating a great platform where you can find everything in one place. What we can offer you right now is to find almost all dive sites and dive centers on this portal.

Together with you we will improve descriptions of dive sites and add photos. We also count on your comments on local diving centers. Soon you will be able to give them a review to recommend good companies to other members of our community. We wish you many beautiful places to visit! See you underwater.

Our searche ngine includes:
- Divingcenters,divebase
- Wrecks,
- Caves,
- Lakes,Quarries,
- And many, many other interesting places.

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